October 27, 2008

Sorry Its Been Awhile:(

Sorry i havent updated in awhile, its been nonstop this month. I have less than 8 weeks to go and i am getting very excited to finally meet my little lovebug! We went a few weeks ago for the 4D ultrasound and it was absolutely amazing:) She was a sleepy little girl most of the time, but she was opening her eyes and mouth towards the end. Seeing my baby girl so real and upclose was such an amazing experience. I am so in awe of God and how he is just shaping her into this beautiful little girl:)

We also had my baby shower this last saturday. It was very fun and exciting and my little girl got spoiled beyond belief. She got so many wonderful things. We told people we were decorating with her room with ladybugs and people just ran with it. She got ladybug blankets, clothes, wall art and toys. I love it:) We were so blessed by everyone's generosity and help. I am so blessed to be learning how loved this little girl already is!!

I am going in every two weeks to the Doctors now, just so she can keep a close eye on Julia's development. She is already head down which is great, we are just hoping she stays that way until her b-day. She is right on track with her development and thankfully mommy hasnt gained too much weught yet. Well thats about it, we are just busy preparing for her arrival a little bit everyday. I will try to update sooner. I am posting some pictures of the 4D ultrasound and also of the baby shower. Enjoy:)