August 21, 2009

Summer Fun!!

So Tuesday marked Julia's 8 month bday!! I seriously cannot believe how fast time is going with her. She is learning so much and getting so big. Our summer has had its challenges but we are having a blast regardless:) Julia is crawling EVERYWHERE and she is pulling herself up to standing all over the place! Walking is not far behind;)
She can stand on her own for a few seconds, but i think she gets a little nervous and sits back down...LOL!! She can wave bye-bye and even tries to say it sometimes! Julia's first words were MAMA...of course:) and my heart melts everytime i hear her say it!! She loves to clap her hands to music and loves when mama sings to her...actually she loves when ANYONE sings to her!! Monday we noticed that her 1st tooth is cutting through.....YAY!!! It definitely explains the grumpiness lately:) Julia LOVES to go swimming and we learned on Saturday that she loves the swings at the park. I am going to post a couple pictures of her on the swing! I am taking her on Monday to get some pictures done, i am SO excited!! I will post them as soon as i get them! Tomorrow Julia and I are going to go spend sometime with our friends that are visiting from Chicago, so excited for a little fun beach time with my girl! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

August 6, 2009 - AUGUST 09 NEWS - AUGUST 09 NEWS

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Some good advice for mama's with little ones. I am always so concerned with my daughters safety in the car and her facing forward is even now a worry of mine!