June 28, 2011

Precious Times!

I cant even begin to express how precious this evening was with my little miss! She had a pretty rough day today, just sensitive and wanting her mama. From the minute we got home she was stuck to me like glue, I missed her so much and was so sad hearing what an emotional day she was having that I was absolutely ok with her being my little shadow. She asked if she could help me with dinner and I said definitely. Dinner was an easy one and I knew she would have fun helping. Grilled ham and cheese sandwhiches(@ Papa's request). She pulled up her little chair to stand on and her apron and was a big helper. I put seperated the cheese and ham slices and let her hand them to me after I was done buttering the bread:) I realized a few times that I was short some cheese onlt to look up and see her happily chewing away at my pre-placed slices...lol...this girl loves cheese! We had a eat as you go style dinner. She ate at up at the counter with me, happily dipping her sandwhich in ketchup, just like mommy:) My folks got home and while they had dinner and chatted about their days Julia and I headed to the couch for some chatting of our own, which ended in tickling and lots of giggles....my fav!

After dinner was cleaned up my mom and I decided to take her for a wagon ride around the neighborhood. She loves to be outside enjoying the fresh air, especially because shes been couped up in the house sick the last week. When we got back it was bathtime, lots of splashing and rubber duckie play:) Once we had our jammies on and our teethbrushed, this mama really took a walk on the wildside and shared a regular(by that i mean, not sugar-free) bowl of strawberry ice cream with my little princess. Then it was off to bed. Prayers, kisses, and bedtime stories. The night always seems to go faster then id like.

A few times during our night I thought to grab my camera and snap a few shots, like i normally do, but i honestly felt like it was so special I didnt want to interrupt it with, "say cheese, Julia" or "hold that up so mommy can see" lol just didnt feel right;) Nighty Night folks!!

June 22, 2011

Excited to see our flowers already sprouting!

June 14, 2011

Little Gardener!

So last night Julia and I planted her first little set of flowers. She got some flower seeds in her Easter basket from my parents and my mom had gotten some really cute animal pots that we could use. This girl had a blast helping me put the soil in the pots and pouring her little seeds in and helping me decide wear to put them. She got nice and dirty with the soil but, it was a really fun experience. I only got a couple of pics, as I was trying to help her not make too much of a mess;) She was so cute and so proud of the work she did. Now its going to be a learning experience for her to remember to water them everyday, actually i will be learning right along with her. Ive never kept a plant alive for that very reason:)

Planting her first flower:)

Proud of her work!

Learning to write her letters:)

June 13, 2011

summers coming!

So I cant believe this year is already about halfway over and my little Noelle is just a few days away from being 2 1/2 years old! Time with her seems to be just flying by and I am enjoying every minute....even the not so pleasant ones we seem to be having lately...haha!

I am stoked that summer is almost here, we have so much fun stuff planned! Dodger games, Sea World, Catalina Island, BBQ's, movies in the park, beach trips, and much more:)) I am also so excited host my first playdate at my house next month with some precious friends and family! I love every chance I get to get my little girl around her little friends and cousins, she definitely needs to the kid interaction. She is around adults all the time! In fact, come September she will be starting preschool part-time at our church. I am so excited for her to go there and not only improve her educational and social skills but for her to be taught the bible and about loving God, I could always use the additional help in that area:) I dont think I would send her any other way! I am going through different ways to get her ready for school. She has her alphabet down and is starting to learn how to write her letters. So I am on the hunt for some good tracing activities to help her with that. Same with her numbers. My goal right now is for her to be writing her letters by September:) I am so happy right now she has such a desire for learning and reading, I am hoping it continues as she gets older:)

I am so stinkin excited for this upcoming weekend! My big brother is coming into town on Friday and will be here till sometime Sunday! My little girl loves her Uncle Mike and is always happy to see him and play with him:) Saturday we are going to a dodger game with about 20 of our family members. All you can eat tickets...woot woot!! Its out in the pavillion, so not the best view, but the point was to buy out a couple rows filled with family to have a good time and stuff our faces with.....mission accomplished! Sunday we are going to try and go out to the Harbor House in Dana Point for a yummy Fathers Day breakfast, celebrating the best Papa we know:) Cant wait, its only Monday and I am already longing for Friday!!

June 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Papa!

June 2, 2011

My brave girl and her terrified Mama!

I would have to say that last night has now become #1 on my list of scary mommy moments! I have never felt so much fear, panic, and stress probably safe to say in my life. So I decided last minute to take Julia to the park last night for a bit since we ran late and didnt make it to church. This park has a small playground for the little kids and a bigger one for the older kids. Of course my little girl is not satisfied just staying on the baby playground, where mommy would like her. She wants to play on the big slides. She started to go towards this climbing wall on the big playset and I told her, no Julia if you want to go on there you need to walk up the stairs please. And off she ran towards the stairs with me not far behind. She started up the stairs and must have misjudged the handrail and went headfirst in the space between the rail and the steps. She did this tuck and roll sort of flip and landed on the back of her neck/head with her body weight on top and flipped over onto her back. I could not believe what I had just seen. I went running and did almost this homerun slide under the stairs next to her. She laid there for about a minute screaming and then stood her way up and was really wabbly and dizzy with her steps, I picked her up and sat with her on the bench calming her down and pretty in shock myself trying to think of what to do next. What I did not realize because everything was happening so fast, is that there were a ton of people in that park and not one of them came up and asked me if she was ok or if i needed any help. Which absolutely breaks my heart that people's hearts have grown so cold and selfish! I called my folks and told them we were on the way home and I think we need to take Julia to get checked out. I laid her down on the couch and my mom looked her over a little and noticed that her pupils looke
d dilated and she seemed very disoriented and her eyes looked glossy. She was complaining about her neck hurting and crying this really hurt sad cry. So we decided to get going and take her in. I was very thankful that the minute I walked to the counter and told them what happened they took her in immediatly. They did a full physical exam on her body and had her walk up and down the hallway a few times. After all that the dr said she looks ok, just in a little shock(me too doc) and probably a sore neck from the fall. They gave me some home instructions and things to look for, vomiting, headache, over sleepiness. We got home about 9pm and I was absolutely terrified to put her to bed, i let her stay up till about 10pm while I got our breakfasts and lunches ready for today. She started out in my bed, I just felt better with her there with me, but she is just not used to sleeping anywhere but her own bed, so after a little while of cuddling and praying and talking she asked to go to her bed. I want to say I got up almost every hour and went in and checked on her, so needless to say I am exhausted today. She woke up this morning with a pretty sore neck and tired, but otherwise ok. I gave her some childrens ibuprofen and sent her on her way to her sitters house. It has taken all the strength in the world not to call every 10 minutes and check on her...haha! But I am just so blessed and thankful that God had His arms around my child and she is ok. Thank you all for your love and concern and prayers it has meant a lot to see how cared about my little girl really is:)