December 29, 2008


So i thought i would update this blog a little bit while my sweet little angel takes a nap. Mommyhood so far has been more than i could ever imagine. I love it. I am so exhausted but so alive and happy all at the same time, its amazing. Today was her first Dr appt and it went great. She now weighs 7lbs 3 oz which means she has gained 2oz since leaving the hospital, which dr says is wonderful. She is in excellent health and her growth is progressing normally:) I am so happy my little bug got a clean bill of health. She also had her first bath last night, it was definitely an adventure, she seemed to like it but definitely didnt like being taken out afterward, too cold i think:) Becoming a mother has definitely had its challenges, but seeing this beautiful little girl that God has blessed me with has made it all worth it. Please continue to pray for our little family as we adjust to having this new little one to care for. Thanks:)

December 22, 2008

Julia is here!!!

Our baby girl has finally arrived. After 14 hours of labor Julia entered this world weighing 7lbs 7oz 20 inches long. Words cannot express how much love i have for this little girl I've only known a few short days:) She is everything i imagined and so much more.

December 3, 2008


So i had my Doctors appt. yesterday and everything went great. Dr says my cervix is thinning and getting ready for labor:) YAY!! She said get out there and walk walk walk. Julia's heartrate is great and her growth is right on track. Now its just a waiting game on when she wants make her debut. Her room is all done, Robert installed the carseat a few days ago and our bags are packed. The anticipation is almost too much for me to handle, i cant wait to finally meet this little girl that has already changed my life so much.
Come soon my little Noelle:)