August 22, 2008

23 Weeks Today!!

So today i am 23 weeks pregnant! My pregnancy is starting to go by very quickly and I am trying to savor every moment of it. I went for my doctors appointment yesterday and it went really well. I am measuring at 24 weeks so doc says she's a little big but that is perfectly fine. I have only gained one pound which Dr. says is also perfectly fine as long as baby Julia is growing. I have to go in for some bloodwork tomorrow, to ck for gestational diabetes and also to make sure my iron levels are ok, so please keep that in your prayers. Julia continues to make herself known more and more. She is moving and grooving throughout the day. Robert got to feel her the other night just rolling around in my tummy and he said he couldnt believe there was a little person just moving around in my belly! We got our stroller/carseat combo yesterday and just couldnt wait to put it together.I was looking at the carseat just daydreaming about putting my little lovebug inside of it:) I also got this really cute CD called Praise Baby, and i play it for her every night so she can listen to some worship music and I pray she comes out alreay knowing her need for Jesus! Well thats it for now i guess, talk to everyone soon!! I also posted a recent pic of my growing belly!

Robert, Leslie, and Baby Julia!!

August 11, 2008

My 24th Birthday

So Yesterday was my 24th birthday, wow time seems to be flying by.

Robert took me to The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, it was so much fun. All the different kinds of fish and sea life were amazing. The sea lions were definitely my favorite, they are so smart and love to be funny!

Julia seemed to like it too she was moving and kicking all day. I cant wait to take her there after she is born. We got touch the baby sharks and stingrays, i have to admit it was a little scary at first but after a few times it was amazing to be able to touch them. After our day at the Aquarium we headed to my parents house for some birthday grub...yumm. It was my dinner choice, so my mom made homemade chicken nuggets and broccoli cheese and rice casserole...mmmm....amazing:)

So all in all it was great day just hanging out with my husband and my family. Thanks guys for an amazing day!!

August 4, 2008

Baby Julia

Just wanted to write a quick update.

So our little girl just keeps making herself known more and more everyday.
I feel her all the time now, just kicking and squirming. At first it was definitely
a little weird but when realized it was her, it put such a smile on my face and
on my heart. I am falling in love with this little girl more and more everyday.
We had a very excited moment a few days ago Robert was able to feel her little
kick from the outside. It was amazing to see his face light up and smile and say
"I felt my little girl". So cute:)

We are starting the planning stages of putting together my baby shower,
we are thinking the end of October sometime. We will definitely keep everyone
updated on that.

Talk to everyone soon!!