December 19, 2010

Back in the Game!

So I know its been a few months since Ive been on here, but what can I say? Its been a busy fall and so far a very busy winter. I started keeping a writing journal for Julia, which I love doing, and kind of forgot about this blog. Everytime I would remember and think to write, I would get distracted and forget. But I am back and hopefully will do a better job of keeping this updated, lets cross our fingers and see how it goes:) I could go back and update everything from September until now, but honestly I dont have the time or the desire

So yesterday marked Julia's 2nd birthday and I still cant believe my baby girl is two years old! She has brought so much joy to my life and I cant thank God enough for blessing me with the honor of being her mommy:) To celebrate Julia turning the big 2, I took her to Disneyland this last Tuesday, wanted to get it in before the rain came! It was just mommy and julia and we had a blast spending the day together alone enjoying all the fun. She was SO excited to meet all the characters and wasnt afraid at all, she went right up and hugged them all and said hi:) Mommy was very pleased! Yesterday she was showered with all her birthday gifts and I took her to chuck e cheese for a few hours to play with her daddy. As rough as this last two years has been with him, my little girl enjoys playing with him and to me, thats all that matters:) Later in the evening Me, Grandma, and Papa took her to Red Robin for dinner and dessert(their chocolate shakes are the bomb) and the servers sang to her and brought out the Tinkerbell cake I bought her. She was SO excited to see tinkerbell on her cake and dug right into the frosting. It was a beautiful day celebrating my little Noelle!