April 29, 2009

Not Using This Blog Anymore!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am not going to be using this blog anymore!! I have a new one that I try to update often. Its.....lifeasjuliasmommy.shutterfly.com

Its actually really cool, I can post slideshows and tons of pictures as well as update everyone on whats going on in the Banks Household:) You can also leave comments and post pictures that you want me to see, so check it out and I hope to see you all there!!!


April 25, 2009

My Big Girl!

So i decided to write a little while my little one takes a nap:)

I cant believe my little girl is already 4 months old! She is growing so fast and is getting more and more beautiful everyday. This morning was a huge milestone for my Noelle. She is officially rolling over!!! Both Sides:)

This little girl has changed my life so much! I couldnt imagine life without her now:) Please be praying for the coming months as we prepare for her dedication. The tentative date is July 5th because my big brother is supposed to be in town that day! As some of you may know i have been really going back and forth on how i should do it and the Lord has really put on my heart that this is an important and special thing that we are going to be doing and there shouldnt be any confusion or stress about it. After some prayer and counsel we have decided not too have a large family function. My main concern was that i didnt want it to have the appearance of a baptism because it isnt that at all! No big party, no God-parents, just my husband and I standing before our church dedicating that we will raise our Daughter in the ways of the Lord. That is what baby dedication is about.

Julia also stared on rice cereal about a week or so ago and she absolutely loves it now. She is starting to get the hang of it instead of trying suck on the spoon:) Next month we are going to introduce a vegetable as well. Dr said one thing at a time that way if she's allergic to something we will know what it is. She also had her 4 month ck up this last monday and is doing great! She is 13lbs 9oz and 25inches. Dr says shes right at average for weight and a little above average in height! Dr says she is also developing wonderfully and actually a little ahead of the rest...yay! So proud of my smart girl!

I guess thats it for now, i will post again soon:)

April 7, 2009

These Days.....

Wow, its been forever!!! So sorry....

Life for our little family has been so amazing with this little princess of ours:)
Our little Noelle is almost 4 months old already, I cant believe how fast she is growing. These last few months have been full of adjustments and learning for mommy and daddy!

I went back to work at the beginning of February, it has been really hard to leave her all day, but we are starting to get on a little routine and its working out really well, though i do miss her all day long! Over the last couple of months we have been so excited to celebrate some first holidays with Julia. First Christmas, First New Years, First Valentines Day, First St Patty's Day and this Sunday her First Easter:)

Being Julia's mommy has been such a privelige and blessing to me. I never imagined i would feel this much love for one person. She is my world and everything I do in my life now, she is my motivation!

Robert is so in love with his little princess, i love to watch him play with her and talk to her! His face just lights up when she smiles at him. He is such a proud daddy! It has been amazing to watch God turn Robert into a Godly father:)

I posted a slideshow below, they are pictures from the last few months...enjoy!