September 30, 2008

Less than 3 months left.!!

I cant believe how fast time is going by now. I am now starting my third trimester and have less than three months until i get to meet my little love bug and I cant wait. I have been feeling some pretty mixed emotions these last few weeks. I am so excited to finally have my little girl in my arms but i am definitely getting nervous with the whole going through labor thing. Robert and I are in middle of taking our childbirth classes and we watch a birth video every week and I sit there like Oh Wow, im going to have to do that!! There's no getting around it. By the end of the video im so emotional about the parents meeting there child and the mom always looks so happy. Please keep me in your prayers as far as labor goes, I am aiming for a natural birth no drugs or intervention unless there's an emergency. Please pray that I would be strong and that I would fully rely on the Lord and His strength to bring this child into the world in the best way possible, naturally. There are so many drugs that are given to women that hurt more than help in the labor process. I just want to be left alone to birth my child without so much chaos and confusion.

My baby shower is fast approaching. October 25th is the date. I am so excited to celebrate this little girls soon arrival with my family and friends. We have some really fun things planned for the day that i am excited about.

Phisically I am doing great, i have only gained about 13 pounds so far so not too bad. Doctor says i will probably gain another 10-15 pounds by baby time which is great. My belly is definitely growing more and more. Julia loves to move around during the day and sometimes at night which can be disturbing while im sleeping. Its cool she must know my voice because i will talk to her and say shhh mommy's here calm down and after a few times of doing that she will calm down:) Robert and I are going on our hospital tour this friday, so we are definitely looking forward to that, we have lots of questions:) Well I guess thats it for now. Please keep our little family in your prayers:)

Leslie, Robert, and Baby Julia

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