November 21, 2008

One More Month!!

So i can't believe i am only one month away from finally meeting my little lovebug:) These last eight months have been filled with lots of different emotions as well as obvious physical changes. The first three months of this pregnancy were definitely rough and not just on me. I didnt have really bad morning sickness but my main complaints were my mood swings and hormones. I was all over the place. My poor husband, i am so thankful for him and how understanding he was during that hard time. I would be crying one minute and screaming the next it was so unperdictable but thankfully around the beginning of my fourth month the crazy lady slowly faded away. Since then my pregnancy has been pretty easygoing, no major problems or complaints. Robert and I have definitely tried to cherish every moment of this time in our lives because we know it will be missed. As I now enter my 9th and final month of this journey I realize how truly blessed I am to have been able to go through this amazing experience. More and more I am realizing how amazing our God is. Everytime I get to see my little girl or hear her heart beat I am just filled with awe at how God is molding and shaping this little love of mine into one of his precious creations. It amazes me that there are actually people who can think we came from goo or something. Our bodies are so complex and perfectly designed how can it be even be denied that we have a Creator. Please keep both Robert and I in your prayers as we enter this last month of pregnancy and the scary but rewarding experience of childbirth. And finally as we start our lives as parents to this precious little one that we are so anxious to finally meet:) We cant wait to meet you little Julia Noelle!!

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