September 18, 2009

Happy 9 Months Julia Noelle!

Today my little ladybug is 9 months old! I cant believe it! Watching her grow these last 9 months has been amazing! She continues to amaze me everyday. We are so excited for the next few months. I am starting to get more serious about Julia's First Birthday, its hard to believe that its only about 3 months away! We are planning it for December 19th, so save the date:) We are very excited for the upcoming holidays, and we are contemplating new traditions now that we have Julia.

Julia is so close to walking, its starting to get a little scary for me. She is always standing and cruising along the couches and whatever she can hold onto, she can stand alone and even bend down and pick up a toy and stand back up. Yesterday she took one step forward but then grabbed onto the couch:) We are so excited for her to walk but also very sad for her to be growing so fast! She's learning more and more words everyday, and it constantly blows my mind at how smart she is:) Cant wait for whats ahead!!!

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