October 11, 2009

She's Walking!

I cant believe it! Today.....October 11, 2009....my little princess, the love of my life reached a HUGE milestone! She is walking! She looks like a little drunk right now...lol....but i love it! She's been taking little steps here and there but today she just lost all fear and went for it. She wabbles a bit and takes little tumbles but she's doing it!

This little girl continues to amaze me everyday! She is SO smart! I may be bias, but what mommy isnt?! We have been working with her everyday with some flashcards and she is catching on quick! She recognizes and can say banana(more like nana), she was in the store and while passing the produce section pointed out the banana and started repeated it...nana...nana...! We recently went to the LA County fair and she was pointing at ALL the animals saying...moo...moo...lol, that one needs a little work...and her cow sounds like BOOW...LOL! But she's getting it:) Im so proud of her.

Sometimes I just sit and stare at her, i cant believe how fast this has all gone and what a little personality she has!

Yesterday was her 1st trip to the pumpkin patch! She had a ball. She was banging on the pumpkins like they were drums...LOL!
They had a little petting zoo and once again she was pointing at the goats and rabbits saying...moo.....moo! I love it!! I posted some pics below. Enjoy!

Well i guess thats all for now! Like me cousin Jess said.......The Chase Begins!!

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