October 19, 2009

Fall Fun!!

We are having SO much fun so far this fall. Even though the weather is still a little warm sometimes, im loving it. A few weeks ago my good friend Sara took some pictures of my little princess in not one but TWO costumes. Now to settle everyone's question, she is only going to be ONE costume on Halloween...who can guess it? Yep...the ladybug:) The other was just for fun! My cousin Natalie's precious dog Sammie is in a few pics with her, enjoy!

Saturday evening we went with my parents to a friend of theirs' 50th birthday party. My papa used to be in a band back in the day so they all got together and played for us. Julia LOVED listening to them play, she was dancing and running all over the place.

Sunday we took Julia on her second trip to the pumpkin patch, but this time Grandma and Papa joined in on the fun. I am so blessed to see how much my little girl is loved by them. I love watching them play with her and the way they look at her brings so much joy to my heart. Julia was walking around playing the drums on all the pumpkins:) She had a ball. I posted some pics below, enjoy!!

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