May 26, 2011

All about JuNo:)

So I keep a pretty good journal on all the things Julia is learning and what her favorite activities are at certain stages. Its actually pretty awesome to see the improvement in such short time frames. Working with her every night and showing her little educational videos instead of letting her watch just random TV has definitely paid off in her learning progression. After she turned two I started letting her venture out and watch some of the little disney or nick jr shows and even with that I am pretty cautious to how much and what she's watching. Its funny, where other kids we know were throwing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Dora parties at One Year or Two Years, she is just now starting to like and watch those shows. Not too say that anything is wrong with those shows, as I am finding they can definitely be helpful in her learning as well. She just never really watched them until now. Her favorite show for awhile now has been Yo Gabba Gabba, which at first I was not too excited about, the characters are a little strange but I am getting used to it and am discovering that the reason she likes this particular show so much is because it is jam-packed with music, dancing and singing and even at this young age she is showing such a passion for those things. She like to make her daily activities in to a little song. Anything from what she did at her babysitters house to the process of how she washes her! She loves to dance and pretend she's doing "ballet" and "gymnastics", I am excited to start her in a little tumbling class when she turns 3:) Her papa just bought her her first little girls keyboard and she is in heaven trying to play it and she loves to strum papa's guitar when he's playing!

I am absolutely impressed by her ability to catch onto things so quickly. She has known her ABC's for awhile now and recognizes all the letters in and out of order. She recognizes her name when I write it without me saying anything. She is actually attempting to write her letters now, she can do a v and an i so far. She remembers which objects start with what letters like, A is for Apple, E is for Elephant, etc. She has got her colors down. Her favorites seem to be pink and green. She can recite 1-12 and recognizes 1-10 when its shown to her. She knows a few of her shapes now; square, circle, triangle and star. I could go on and on with all the things she's learning, its nuts!

Raising Julia as a single parent has definitely not been easy but I honestly feel like its given me more of a drive to make sure Julia never feels as though she's missed out on anything and that educationally she is on track and given that quality time every toddler needs to feel loved, secure, and cared for. I feel as though I am stretched so thin at times, but God continues to give me that strength and patience I need to provide for Julia in all areas of her life. Thank you Jesus for your grace and mercy on us!!

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