May 9, 2011

Busy Bee's

So we have been busy little bee's since Easter. To recap, we had a wonderful Easter at my aunts house. We colored and decorated eggs, did a mini egg hunt in my aunts backyard and had some awesome food and fellowship with our family. I absolutely love when my little girl gets to play with her cousins and family:) The day after Easter I got some not so wonderful news from my ex-husband and have been totally just giving it to the Lord and trying to be postive. Its been an emotional time for me and I am just so blessed by all the love and encouragement we have received from our close family and friends. Robert has decided to move out of the state and did so in a totally irresponsible and inconsiderate manner. The very small glimmer of bonding that I had started to see between them will now for sure diminish. In the end I have come to realize that it might be better for both Julia and I this way. As much as my desire was for Robert to at least build a healthy relationship with Julia, that has not happened up to this point and I cant help but get upset and stressed out everytime I notice Julia's confusion on who Robert is and what exactly his role is in her life. Right now I just pray for the discernment and wisdom to address any questions Julia might have about him in the future. Besides dealing with that news we have had a great couple of weeks. BBQ's with friends, the weather has been great so we've had a lot of park trips and kite flying. Yesterday was Mothers Day and it was great to just relax and pretty much do nothing but spend some quiet time with my little girlie:) We went to church and heard a wonderful mothers day message and then went and had a yummy breakfast with my parents and then just lounged around the house the rest of the day, besides an exciting trip to Sams Club where we bought Julia's 1st Trampoline, this girl loves to jump! I know its a ways off, but I have actually started to put together ideas for Julia's 3rd Birthday party. We are planning on doing it in November this year, as the weather in December is just way too unperdictable and I am shooting to have it a local park. So if everything falls into place it will be November 12th, so we are roughly six months away, which in my organized mind isnt that far! I want to do a pretty good sized party this year since she is getting a little older. For her first birthday it was a small and intimate party at my house and for her second birthday I took her to Disneyland and we just did a small cake at home with my family. I think its time to do something exciting for her:) Stay tuned for more details on "Julia's Dancey Dance Party!" (Lets see if any of you parents know where that's from)

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