July 7, 2008

My first post:)

Hey everyone

I decided to create a blogspot so that i can update friends and family on our life and our growing baby. I am almost five months pregnant now and growing by the minute it seems, and loving every minute of it. To catch everyone up i am due December 19th 2008 and we are so very excited to welcome this child into our lives. July 23rd we get to "hopefully" find out the sex of the baby and we are crossing our fingers that he or she is willing to let us take a peek. I am so blessed to have my husband Robert, he has been so supportive and understanding through this process. My first three months were pretty rough. I had all day sickness, i was tired 24 hours a day and my mood swings were homerun style. I am so thankful that God gave him the patience to deal with me because even I was ready to leave me. Thankfully, this last month or so has been a lot better. The sickness is gone, i've gotten probably 80% of my energy back and the mood swings are down to a minimum(for now). Right now we just enjoying this pregnancy and are so excited for whats to come.

This past week I have started feel this baby move quite a bit. I feel it mostly at night when i am laying still and when i sneeze or cough i get a couple little twitches:) Starting to feel this baby moving has made me fall in love with my child even more. I cant believe God has blessed me with this little life growing inside me. I can't wait for Robert to be able to feel our child moving. Thats it for now, i will post again soon:) I posted a pic of my evergrowing belly at 4 1/2 months:) Enjoy!

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