July 9, 2008



Nothing new really just enjoying my growing belly and contemplating life. Ok so this might seem mushy, but i just wanted share how thankful I am for the life God has blessed me with. I see so many other relationships and marriages go through some stuff that I could never imagine. God has really done some amazing things in my marriage and in both Robert and I individually. As most of you know we went through some rough times there at the beginning and I know without a doubt that had we not had the desire to please God and be faithful to Him, Robert and I would not be together today. Its hard to think about now because more and more everyday I realize just how much I love this man I married. Carrying this child has made that love even stronger, and I realize how truly blessed I am to be able to give Robert this child. It is truly amazing to me to watch my husband start to become a daddy. I am so excited to be starting this journey with Robert, God has truly made him the man of my dreams and I could't imagine doing this with anyone else:) As for right now I just continue to be in prayer that He would continue to bless our marriage and give us strength to go through the hard times that life can bring.

Hope everyone is doing well, leave me a little note:)

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