June 11, 2009

Almost Six Months!!!

So we are less than one week away from our little princess being 6 months old!! I cant believe it!! Time is definitely flying by these days! Tomorrow we are taking Julia down to my uncle's house in Laguna Niguel and he is going to take some pictures for us of her, hopefully the weather will cooperate:) I cant even begin to explain how this little girl as changed my life. She is my motivation, i never imagined i could feel this way about another person, but i do! Just thinking about it makes my heart ache and i start to get teary eye'd...haha!! Although, i am a crybaby to begin with:) I feel myself wanting to be a better woman, wife, and mother everyday i spend with her! I am really learning what is important in life.

Julia has definitely developed her own little personality. She is very strong-willed and very impatient. She is definitely ahead for her age, but she's still is eager to learn more and move forward. She's been rolling over for about 2 months now and in the last two weeks has learned to scoot herself backwards but cant quite get herself to go forward...haha!! Well, because she is so impatient and eager to get going she gets VERY frustrated after awhile of trying and makes it known to the whole household!! She's learning to put her arms out when she wants someone to hold her and I love it!! It makes me feel special when she reaches for me:) Were also on to the next homemade vegetable, which will be......green beans!!! MMMMMMM:)

I will definitely post the pictures that we take tomorrow as soon as i can, which will probably be Monday. I dont like to use the computer on weekends unless Julia is sleeping and Robert's not home and even then that is usually the perfect time for me to be spending in prayer and in my bible:) Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Jamie said...

That's so sweet how you feel your daughter makes you want to be a better wife, mom, and person. That's really cool. I'm gonna have to meet this baby of yours!