June 3, 2009

Starting Again!

Hey Everyone

Ok well I tried the shutterfly thing, and a few people said they couldnt see it unless they signed up! Sooooo, im going back to this:)

So life has been pretty busy these last few months and its only going to get busier for the summer! So excited for all the events coming up, but i do get a little stresses out thinking about it!! Julia is growing more and more every day it seems. She is already 5 1/2 Months old! She is eating cereal and carrots and apples:) Mommy makes her baby food at home! So much healthier for her and it comforts me to know exactly what goes into her little tummy! Julia is also rolling ALL over the place now, and she can sit up by herself too! She loves to play in the bathtub and splash in the water:) She is getting so big, so fast and learning new things all the time. She also LOVES watching Baby Einstein, she will sit and watch the whole 20 Minute video, I only let her watch it maybe every other day because I dont want her to be a little boob tube:) But she just stares at all the colors and shapes and loves the classical music. Her favorite is the Baby Beethoven:) In the car on the way to her sitter we listen to either Veggie Tales worship or Praise Baby, most of the time she falls asleep, but some times she will be in the back talking away and playing with the flower that hangs from her carseat(Papa named it Joey)!!

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Jamie said...

Look at that sweet dress!