March 31, 2010

So we are just a few days away from celebrating Julia's 2nd Easter and it has got me thinking of how fast this year has gone by and how much my little girl has grown and changed. Last easter she was almost 4 months old. She was just this cute little smiling baby girl with more hair than I knew what to do with. In the last year she has learned so much. How to sit up, how to crawl, how to stand and then walk. Back then I couldnt wait to hear how her little voice would sound when she started talking. Now she always has something to say:) She is running around the house like she runs the place(she kind of does)!! It amazes me how smart she is. She is picking up new words almost everyday. I love coming home from work and hearing....MAMA.....with a big smile on her face! It is the best feeling:)

This last year has been such a trial for Julia and I that I have commited myself to making the best out of everything and every situation. I want to enjoy and cherish every moment I can with Julia right now, I dont want to look back and regret letting this situation hinder me from enjoying this gift that God has blessed me with.

Anyway back to Easter. Well, this year we have a lot of fun planned for the little bug. Saturday we are going to do her first egg coloring session, what fun and what a mess:) Sunday after church we are going to spend the day at my Aunts house with the rest of the family. I love getting together with family and being surrounded by people that love and care about Julia and I. I have felt some rejection from family lately and that hurts quite a bit so I feel the need to be with family that i have no doubt want the best for us. We are going to put together a small easter egg hunt for the kids, it will be Julia's first:) I am excited to see how she does. Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. Lets not forget what Easter is all about. Jesus Christ has Risen!!!

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