April 12, 2011

Our Day:)

Well, what do you know I'm making some time to blog....yay!!

So today was a pretty typical Tuesday for us. Mommys day starts around 5 am and Julia's about 6:30am. Coffee, hair straightening, and letting Julia pick out her clothes:) Crying over not being able to have Chocolate Milk(ovaltine) EVERY day! Busy day at work, a lunchtime phonecall to my little one and then a not so typical fun end to our day......Ben and Jerry free ice cream day! It was definitely crowded but worth it to treat my girl with some yummy ice cream, yes the sugar Nazi mom allows the occasional ice cream:) We had a great night and I love finding little things for us to do together.

Off to bed now to start the day all over again in the morning! It's tiring, but worth every moment:)

I was born to be Julia's Mommy!!

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