April 21, 2011

Ready for Easter

So Easter is just a few days away and the celebrating has already starting in my house:) Last night Julia and I baked and decorated some easter cookies. Mostly flowers, butterflies, and we spelled out JESUS with her cookie cutter letters. I am really trying to explain to Julia what the meaning of Easter is and that its ok to do the fun stuff as long as we always remember the real meaning of Easter and celebrate that. Its kind of a tough holiday to explain to her, how do you explain to a 2 year old that Jesus was beaten and killed for her and then rose from the dead? That a tough one, but God is totally giving me the rights words. Plus we have a really good little kids book and a veggie tales movie about it and she's liking that:) Tomorrow night is our Good Friday service at church, so we are excited for that. Saturday we are going to Picnic Reunion at a park in Walnut with some friends of my Papa. Its always fun getting to spend time with friends we dont get to see often. Easter Sunday will of course start out with church and celebrating with the family of God that Jesus is Risen and He paid the price for our sin! After that we are off to spend the day with my mama's side of the family:) I love getting together with family and just hanging out and laughing and talking together. I feel so close to that side of my family, as they have really been there for me and encourgaed me through the last couple tough years with my ex-husband. It's been an adventure and quite an adjustment but I am blessed to have them by my side. Can't wait to celebrate my risen Savior with some of the most important people in my life:) Have a great Easter friends and family!!

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