June 28, 2011

Precious Times!

I cant even begin to express how precious this evening was with my little miss! She had a pretty rough day today, just sensitive and wanting her mama. From the minute we got home she was stuck to me like glue, I missed her so much and was so sad hearing what an emotional day she was having that I was absolutely ok with her being my little shadow. She asked if she could help me with dinner and I said definitely. Dinner was an easy one and I knew she would have fun helping. Grilled ham and cheese sandwhiches(@ Papa's request). She pulled up her little chair to stand on and her apron and was a big helper. I put seperated the cheese and ham slices and let her hand them to me after I was done buttering the bread:) I realized a few times that I was short some cheese onlt to look up and see her happily chewing away at my pre-placed slices...lol...this girl loves cheese! We had a eat as you go style dinner. She ate at up at the counter with me, happily dipping her sandwhich in ketchup, just like mommy:) My folks got home and while they had dinner and chatted about their days Julia and I headed to the couch for some chatting of our own, which ended in tickling and lots of giggles....my fav!

After dinner was cleaned up my mom and I decided to take her for a wagon ride around the neighborhood. She loves to be outside enjoying the fresh air, especially because shes been couped up in the house sick the last week. When we got back it was bathtime, lots of splashing and rubber duckie play:) Once we had our jammies on and our teethbrushed, this mama really took a walk on the wildside and shared a regular(by that i mean, not sugar-free) bowl of strawberry ice cream with my little princess. Then it was off to bed. Prayers, kisses, and bedtime stories. The night always seems to go faster then id like.

A few times during our night I thought to grab my camera and snap a few shots, like i normally do, but i honestly felt like it was so special I didnt want to interrupt it with, "say cheese, Julia" or "hold that up so mommy can see" lol just didnt feel right;) Nighty Night folks!!

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