June 13, 2011

summers coming!

So I cant believe this year is already about halfway over and my little Noelle is just a few days away from being 2 1/2 years old! Time with her seems to be just flying by and I am enjoying every minute....even the not so pleasant ones we seem to be having lately...haha!

I am stoked that summer is almost here, we have so much fun stuff planned! Dodger games, Sea World, Catalina Island, BBQ's, movies in the park, beach trips, and much more:)) I am also so excited host my first playdate at my house next month with some precious friends and family! I love every chance I get to get my little girl around her little friends and cousins, she definitely needs to the kid interaction. She is around adults all the time! In fact, come September she will be starting preschool part-time at our church. I am so excited for her to go there and not only improve her educational and social skills but for her to be taught the bible and about loving God, I could always use the additional help in that area:) I dont think I would send her any other way! I am going through different ways to get her ready for school. She has her alphabet down and is starting to learn how to write her letters. So I am on the hunt for some good tracing activities to help her with that. Same with her numbers. My goal right now is for her to be writing her letters by September:) I am so happy right now she has such a desire for learning and reading, I am hoping it continues as she gets older:)

I am so stinkin excited for this upcoming weekend! My big brother is coming into town on Friday and will be here till sometime Sunday! My little girl loves her Uncle Mike and is always happy to see him and play with him:) Saturday we are going to a dodger game with about 20 of our family members. All you can eat tickets...woot woot!! Its out in the pavillion, so not the best view, but the point was to buy out a couple rows filled with family to have a good time and stuff our faces with.....mission accomplished! Sunday we are going to try and go out to the Harbor House in Dana Point for a yummy Fathers Day breakfast, celebrating the best Papa we know:) Cant wait, its only Monday and I am already longing for Friday!!

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