April 23, 2010

Julia's first haircut

So last Saturday I took Julia to get her very first haircut!! As most people know she has always had a lot of hair and its just gotten longer and longer. When it was wet, it was almost to the middle of her back! Mommy and grandma had done a few homemade bang cuts but she just wouldnt stay still and hated me holding her head still, so it always came out wrong. I finally decided it was time to let the professionals take a shot at it. Her hair also seemed to grow in layers, so it wasnt even across the bottom, so my goal was to have them straighten out her bangs and trim a little off the bottom.

I took her to a place called Cool Cuts for Kids, in Mira Loma. This place was amazing, Julia's eyes lit up when she walked through the door. Train sets, legos, movies, and books what more could a kids ask for, oh yeah snacks and lollipops!! She had a blast playing with the trains and legos while we waited. When it was her turn, she got to choose between a fire engine or a taxi cab to sit in, she chose the fire engine:) While they cut her hair she got to watch her Old Mcdonald Baby Einstein, her favorite movie right now, ring the fire engine bell and eat her snacks, spoiled girl! She did such a good job, the only time she got a little upset was when I had to hold her head still for the girl to cut her bangs. Her haircut came out so cute, they did such a great job with her. She also got a first haircut certificate with a little lock of her hair for mommy to keep:) She looks like such a big girl now with her big girl haircut, enjoy the pics.....

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