April 27, 2010

Elmo's Song

So I wanted share another fun moment with Julia.

Julia has a new favorite song, its Elmo's Song. She wants to hear it ALL the time and now she has started to memorize different words throughout the song. In between Elmo's singing, Big Bird and Snuffy interject with little cute comments and well, those are what she is picking up!

#1- "I like it"
#2- "To think he wrote this alone"
#3- "Catchy"
#4- "Oh sing it"

Julia's versions are a little different:)

#1- "ike it"
#2- "alone"
#3- "catchy" She's has got that one spot on, with perfect timing!!
#4- "ing it"

I crack up everytime I hear her do it...lol....and that just makes her want to do it over and over again!
So last night I wanted my parents to hear her. I put the CD on and called them over. The song started but papa was taking awhile, Julia took off running.....thinking she's not going to do it, she's being shy and running away. To my suprise, no, she was running into my parents room yelling "Papa...Papa" trying to get him into her room. He came into the room and I started the song over and what do you know.....she was smiling and swaying back and forth to the music repeating the words she knew, proudly!! What a little ham!! I couldnt believe it. Soooo, I am going to cross my fingers and try to get her to do it on video, so i can share!

This little girl continues to amaze me everyday!

Another fun moment in my, Life with Julia Noelle...Nothing could be better:)

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