April 14, 2010

Mockingbird and other fun things!

So my little girl is definitely in the mockingbird stage. She loves to copy what we say. My mom was out with her at the store last week and they saw some kids with balloons, well Julia LOVES balloons and she started yelling moon...moon...yes her word for balloon is moon...lol:) Well my mom raised her hands up and said "Honey, I dont know where they got them, I dont know." Julia immediately raised up her hands and with her cute little voice said "I dont know"...she now will randomly do that around the house, i love it! If I say "Im coming Julia" she will repeat to me, "coming...mama..coming?" Now when we place chase, she will chase me and say "I coming...I coming" LOL....cracks me up everytime! So these next few are much more funny if you could hear her say it, Im trying to get it on video, but she tends to stop and want to smile and be silly when Im trying to video her, so will see how that goes. Anyway, Julia totally loves her music, she cant be in her room without it on, mommy's fault I guess for allowing it, but its usually always bible songs, so I figure...what the heck! So she has a few favorite songs and she repeat certain parts of this songs. She likes the B-I-B-L-E and when its on she just repeats B-I, B-I, B-I over and over again...lol. She also likes a song called Who built the Ark? and the song says "Who built the ark?....Noah Noah. When that part comes up its...Noah, Noah, Noah....repeated very fast! There is another song that goes, God looked down and saw bad guys uh huh, uh huh. Julia repeats after the kids...uh huh, uh huh:) And last but not least, Im sure everyone knows the song " He's got the whole world in his hands" On the part that says, "he's got the little bity babies, in his hands", she screams...."HI, BABY"...LOL!

Julia loves her baby einstein movies, she has been watching them since 6 months old and has loved them ever since. To this day she will not watch anything all the way through, except these baby einsteins, which is totally ok with me. She will watch a few minutes of elmo or word world, but she gets bored pretty quickly. She is now on the 12 months and up videos and they say different words and then flash the word on the screen for them to see. Julia loves to try to repeat what they say and i try to do this with her so she can hear mommy say it too. I never realized how difficult it can be for them to repeat a word correctly, but I love that she continues to try everytime and has even mastered a few of them:)

One fun thing is she has a little outdoor car that I push her on when we go for walks(thanks cousin Jayda), she LOVES this thing, she calls it her "choo choo". Everytime we go outside through the garage, she runs straight for it yelling, choo choo. Well, as cute as this is, it suddenly turns into a very stressful event. When we are done with her walk, she screams murder and throws a huge tantrum. Im trying to teach her when we are all done to wave and say bye-bye choo....so far all she does is kick and scream say...NO...NO!! Oh the joys of motherhood:)

Another fun thing that I love is that Julia LOVES to pray and she prays all the time;) When we sit down to eat, she puts her hands together, says pray...pray and puts her head down. Sometimes we pray for our dinner 3 or 4 times! She has a baby bible and its has little prayers after every story, we pray when get up for the day and we pray when I put her to bed at night. I am raising a little prayer warrior, lol!! A couple of times recently she has prayed herself, she mumbles a little something and says Amen:) I love it!!!

So, those are just a few fun things that my little smarty pants is doing now!

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