May 11, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

I hope everyone had a beautiful mothers day! Mine was wonderful and relaxing:) Pedicure with my mama and grandma. BBQ and family fun. We went to church and listened to a beautiful sermon on mothers. He said something to me that I just had to share with everyone. I have known some parents over the years that have put many things above teaching their babies about Jesus. Careers, Hobbies, Education...etc...

"Your child knowing the bible is more important than your continuing education. Your child’s spirituality, than your personal accomplishments. Your child’s soul, more important than a defined body and clothes. Your child’s eternal life, than your success in this life. Your child’s relationship with Jesus, than your popularity in this world. Your child’s standing before God than your social standing in this world." -Pastor Terry Hlebo

I know that one day I will stand before the Lord and be resonsible for what I chose as important to teach my child and if her knowing the Lord isnt at the top of the list, shame on me. There is nothing wrong with teaching them about the importance of education or the importance of being a good member of society, but I want to go above and beyond that and raise a disciple of Jesus:)

He talked about the importance of reading the bible, not only you reading it, but reading it to your babies. There are so many good books out there about parenting and even christian parenting but the Bible is different than any other book and should be top priority. I am guilty of this at times. I love to read books about where Julia is at developmentally. Toddler books, discipline books, learning books, and all those things are ok, but is my first priority to raise her according to what the bible says?

I was so convicted and encouraged by this study and I am so excited to get down to what is important. Being that Godly example for my daughter to see and mimic. Teaching her that God is always to come first in her life.

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The Kincaid Family said...

Amen Amen Amen! I totally agree with you Leslie and Mike and I have been talking about the same thing! I really could care less about the world's standards and the need to "keep up with the Jones'" our children are not our own, they are God's and He's given them to us for a time to care for and help mold and shape for HIS glory and nothing else! Way to go Mama!