May 8, 2010

Play and Learn Class!

Last night Julia and I had our very first Play and Learn class. Its a lot like mommy and me and preschool all wrapped into one. I was so happy to find a class like this that is in the evening, most of the classes I would find were during the weekday and I work during the day so that would be impossible. Come to find out the teacher of this class works during the day as well and just had a great desire to do a class like this for parents that work, so what a huge blessing that is:) There are about 10 other kids in the class, so I was so excited to see a good turn out for a Friday evening. They started the class by letting the kids chase some bubble around and start to interact with one another, while the Ms Tabatha explained what the class was going to consist of. Numbers, Letters, Colors, Shapes, Story-time, Arts and Crafts and Singing Songs. All of the things that I try to do with Julia at home. I am just happy she is going to be able to learn and also interact with other kids, that was pretty much my main reason for signing up for the class. After Bubbles we went around the room and introduced ourselves and our little pride and joys. Since Mothers Days is Sunday, for arts and crafts they made little flowers and butterflies to give to us. Ms Tabatha also handed out these adorable handmade pins that say Mom. Julia had a blast sticking the letters and decorations on her butterfly:) After arts and crafts they all went to the carpet for some singing and counting time. They sang Head Shoulder Knees and Toes, one of Julias favs, there a pic below of her participating by putting her hands on her head:) They also sang Itsy Bitsy Spider, another of Julias favs, she says...pider mama..pider:) They practiced counting from 1-10 and then from 10-1 and even sang the alphabet song:) After song time she rounded them up for a little story-time, in honor of Mothers Day she read a mommy and baby book called, Love You Forever, this little book got me kind of emotional even though I had read it a thousands times before, I hadnt read it since having Julia and the words mean so much more now:) Ill love you forever, Ill like you for always, as long as im living my baby you'll be!! It was a great start to her first class and I loved watching her interact with the other kids. Enjoy the pics!!

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