May 7, 2010

Shoes, Make-up and all things Julia:)

Life with my little Julia Noelle is anything but boring. She keeps me on my toes, with an adventure at every corner. I love that she is such an active little girl! She is always on the go and up for whatever life throws at her. She is definitely giving me a run for my money:) By the end of the evening I am wiped out.

She is definitely starting to show more of her girly side and I love it:) She loves to watch me put my make-up on and asks for some too. I pat her little face with my face powder and she gets this huge smile on her face. She likes for me to put my chapstick on her and tries copy me when I blot my too funny! She is really into shoes right now. She loves to put on her different shoes and LOVES to try to walk around with my heels on when I get home from work! When I bring home a new pair of shoes for her she gets SO excited and wants to put them on right away and wear them around the is she doesnt want to take them off when its time for a bath! She loves to call things pretty now. When I came home with my new tattoo on my ankle she kept pointing at it saying pretty mama...pretty! Same with our flowers in the front yard and the spring flags my mom put out:)

A few weeks ago our church had a baptism at a community pool and I got a little preview of what summer will be like with this little girl. She absolutely LOVES the water! She was a splashing maniac and hated when I tried to take her out. I am so excited for trips to the pool and beach trips with my girl, this summer:) Grandma let her run through the sprinklers this last week and she had a of that to come soon!

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