August 22, 2010


So yesterday Julia and I took a trip with my father to the Aquarium in Long Beach. We had a lot of fun and the weather was beautiful. Julia loved being able to put her hands in the water and touch the baby sharks and sting rays. Mommy was a little nervous to let her but she did a great job listening to me on how to touch them the right way. Im pretty sure that was her favorite part....oh and picking out her souveniers of course:) I got her a bag of the different sealife that we saw there (plastic ones of course) which she now is constantly carrying around the house. We also got her a stuff animal Sea Otter and a little cup with a straw. This was the perfect place to take Julia, because she is still so young she has a short attention span and wants to roam around and doesnt sit through all the shows and exhibits. The aquarium is small and only has a couple shows. Most of it was roaming around and getting to touch different sealife and Lord knows this little girl is very hands on and wants to touch the pics:)

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