August 20, 2010

Julia is 20 Months.....

I know its a couple days late, but hey, I have a life:)

So Julia turned 20 months on Wednesday and its starting to make me a little sad that my little bug is going to be TWO in just four months! To celebrate her little milestone I put together a little goody bag from where else....Target! If you know me, you know that Target holds my heart! Julia even knows when we are at Target, when we pull into the shopping center she yells.....YAY TARGET! Sad, I know but I love it:) Anyway, it wasnt anything huge, just a couple of new books, a new plate and dish set, some stickers and a little indoor ball to play with. My mom decided she wanted to do something special too and came home with all the yummy ingredients to make Ice Cream Sundaes. She was in heaven, of course, and me being the sugar Nazi that I am had to work hard at just letting her go for it, the excited look on her face helped me get through it:) I love how much this little girl is loved, I got quite a few little text messages and notes saying Happy 20 Months to Julia, it felt really good in the midst of hard times to receive such love from some family and friends:) My main prayer and effort throughout this whole process is to make it as smooth and easy as possible for Julia and for her not to feel as though she is missing out on anything and I just want to thank some of you for helping in that effort with me!

My little girl is learning new things everyday and it amazes me how quickly she picks up on things. I was telling a friend of mine the other day that she is now starting to pray out loud on her own, so far its just a "Thank You Jee-us Amen" but hey that works for me and Im sure it pleases God to hear this precious little girl say Thank you to Him:) We also started doing a little devotional every night before bed and in just a short time she knows the routine. When I get her out of the bath she starts saying, "I read about Jee-us, mama, I read my bible". The book we got is so cute, its in biblical order and it comes with a cd so that after the short story you play a song that corresponds with what we just read.

I also recently bought of few of the dvd's from the Preschool Prep Series, Meet the Letters and Meet the Colors. I figure we are going to take it one at a time with these, I dont want to overwhelm her and I also am very adamant on making sure she is allowed to just be a one year old and play and have fun:) I also got her a pretty large size playdough set, so that is a really fun way for her to learn her colors as well.

I have some new pictures that I am going to make into a little slideshow, so hopefully I can fit some time in tonight to post it. Hope everyone is doing well, I know a lot of you have asked me about my facebook and if I am going to put it back up. The no facebook journey has been amazing and as much as I miss keeping up with some of you, eliminating that distraction for right now has been the best idea and the biggest blessing to allow me more time with the Lord and also more time to have one on one visits and chats with people I would have normally just posted a quick hello on their walls. I definitely am going to finish out the month without it and we will see what happens next month:)

Julia Noelle's Mommy

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